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American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals

December 22, 2012

Elliot Blair Smith: After being dismissed from her job as a Midtown Manhattan securities attorney in October 2009, Christina Tretter-Herriger hitched a used horse trailer to her Dodge Ram pickup and drove 1,628 miles to Texas. The 32-year-old lawyer sold skin-care products in Houston before finding work as the assistant general counsel of a futures-trading firm […]

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Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe

March 27, 2012

The debt collector on the other end of the phone gave Oswaldo Campos an ultimatum: Pay $219 a month toward his more than $20,000 in defaulted student loans, or Pioneer Credit Recovery, a contractor with the U.S. Education Department, would confiscate his pay. Campos, disabled from liver disease, makes about $20,000 a year. “We’re not […]

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Interest rate could double on some student loans

March 8, 2012

Raju Chebium: WASHINGTON – College would get costlier for millions of low- and middle-income student loan recipients starting next fall, unless Congress intervenes The fixed interest rate on Stafford federal subsidized loans, held by nearly 8 million undergraduates, is set to double on July 1, a few months before the start of the new school year. […]

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Students take on growing debt loads

March 3, 2012

Marino Eccher: When Sarah Altmann received her acceptance letter from Bethany Lutheran College in 1999, she was excited to get in — and didn’t think too hard about the price tag. MOORHEAD, Minn. — When Sarah Altmann received her acceptance letter from Bethany Lutheran College in 1999, she was excited to get in — and didn’t […]

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The New ‘Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’

February 1, 2012

How functional and/or effective the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is remains to be seen. This broad-based agency appears unnecessary and another waste of taxpayers money, but for the sake of the vulnerable students and their families, we would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Scholarship Express maintains a ‘guarded optimism’ that this newly formed government entity […]

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The Basics of Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Programs

January 4, 2012

Editor’s note: Scholarship Express advocates no debt. This means no student loans. This article is intended to help those who have to repay student loans. The student loan industry is risky and dangerous business in this country. One of the cornerstones of Scholarship Express is helping families avoid student loan debt and retain their savings for retirement.  — […]

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DEBT-FREE GRADS: College students work full-time, reap benefits afterward

December 19, 2011

  Yasin Mohamud: MINNEAPOLIS — Even with student loan debt totaling $1 trillion and a weak job market, some University of Minnesota students will graduate debt-free because they worked their way through college. More than 60 percent of University students graduated with debt in 2010. The average student left with more than $27,000 in student loan […]

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Is college worth the money?

December 15, 2011

Amy Phillips: One of the main complaints of the Occupy Wall Street protestors is that the enormous cost of a college education far exceeds the value of a college degree. They are concerned about the massive amount of student loan debt people carry. But it isn’t the debt itself. Very few, if any, people will tell […]

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10 Tips for Zapping Student Loan Debt

December 14, 2011

Meg Handley: Even the most ambitious college grad might have some trouble getting excited about this one: repaying student loans. And with the average graduate leaving college with $27,204 in student loan debt, that day is sure to come for many a young professional. So yeah, maybe you’d rather poke your eye out than think […]

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Student Loan Debt Plan

December 11, 2011

  Fig @ Figuring Out Money: Since we made our decision to stick it out in the current housing and pay down more debt I decided I probably should look more closely at my student loans and come up with a plan to knock them out! Here’s what my student loan debt situation looks like: […]

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Student Loan Rules You Should Know About

December 1, 2011

Tim Parker: 2012 is fast approaching, and with that comes changes to existing legislation. For students either currently attending, graduating or entering college sometime in 2012, there are important changes to student loan laws that begin in 2012. TUTORIAL: Student Loans: Introduction Repayment Changes President Obama became a friend to recent college graduates who find themselves […]

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Learn What Obama’s Student Loan Plan Means for You

November 27, 2011

Isaac Bowers – Equal Justice Works: We promised in last week’s post that this week we would cover the details of President Obama’s new executive order to make it easier for students to repay their federal student loans. For your convenience, we’ll break this into three parts: Loan consolidation: There used to be two programs for […]

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America’s Student Loan Debt Bondage

November 26, 2011

Stephen Lendman: Higher education today isn’t like it used to be.US students face crisis conditions. Washington and lenders wage financial war on them. In addition, dozens of budget-strapped states cut funds to public colleges and universities. Students are directly impacted by sharp tuition hikes (double-digit at some schools) and less financial aid. As a result, […]

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Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay! Or, Become An Edu-Punk: Some Solutions To The Problem Of Student Debt

November 24, 2011

Rachel Signer: Chances are, if you have a college or postgraduate degree, you also have student loans to pay back. Nationwide, Americans have around $1 trillion in education debt; each year, the cost of tuition at universities is rising (it rose 5.9 percent in 2008 at private universities and 6.4 percent at public ones). In a […]

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Why the Government is to Blame for High College Costs

November 24, 2011

Federal student loans are driving up college costs and adding to the deficit Mary Kate Cary: Last month President Obama, facing increasingly violent Occupy Wall Street protests nationwide, announced executive action to help alleviate the heavy burden of student debt faced by many of the young, unemployed protesters. Although many of the protesters are blaming private […]

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Student Loans: Housing Bubble All Over Again

November 19, 2011

Nancy Smith: Student loans are more than fire traps for millions of American families. Trust me, they’re the next subprime mortgage crisis. They’re the easiest loans out there. Enrolled in a couple of classes? Congrats, your loan application is accepted. Fiscally mismanaged colleges and universities that should have been out of business long ago? Propped […]

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Student Debt Crisis Could Be “Far Worse” Than Mortgage Crisis

November 16, 2011

Ben Glaser: Americans now have more student debt than credit card debt and they’re defaulting on student loans at increasing rates. Could this be the beginning of a new bubble even worse than the economic meltdown of 2008? One industry insider, speaking exclusively to Live, says it could be “far worse.” “Its collapse could resemble […]

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Exposing the Student Loan Racket

November 9, 2011

Healthcare Administration: Follow along on the timeline below for insight into today’s student loan game. There’s something going on here that needs to be brought out into the open. 1. Can you spot the problems below? 2. Do you see any inappropriate relations between lawmakers, banks, and Sallie Mae? 3. Did you know student loan […]

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Student Loans May be the New Mortgage

November 6, 2011

Sallie Mae worries me. Like Fanny and Freddie is to the housing loan industry, Sallie Mae is to the student loan industry. Is Sallie now the black hole of the student loan industry? Meaning all student loans end up there? If it’s going to be the same fiasco at Sallie as it has been at Fannie […]

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Trying to keep students out of deep debt

November 5, 2011

Robert Herzog, an official at the for-profit Harrison College, calls for waivers to the Department of Education’s new regulations governing career colleges. In recent years, enrollment at for-profit and online universities has grown dramatically, fueled primarily by federal dollars. While many of these institutions offer innovative, quality programs, too many students have been left with […]

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Reading, Writing, Empathy: The Rise of ‘Social Emotional Learning’

November 1, 2011

  Courtney Martin: Marc Brackett never liked school. “I was always bored,” he says, “and I never felt like any of my teachers really cared. I can’t think of anybody that made me feel inspired.” It’s a surprising complaint coming from a 42-year-old Yale research scientist with a 27-page CV and nearly $4 million in career […]

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Obama seeks debt collector proposal for Student Loans

November 1, 2011

AP: To the dismay of consumer groups and the discomfort of Democrats, President Barack Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government. The change “is expected to provide substantial increases in collections, particularly as an […]

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Recession Has Lit the Fuse on Explosive Student Debt

October 25, 2011

Bryce Covert: This week’s credit check: Average student debt can spiral up to $100,000 with interest and late payments. Room and board charges at colleges have doubled in actual dollars since 1982. It’s no great secret that student loan debt is exploding. The total amount is set to top $1 trillion, more than total credit […]

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Obama Enslaving New Lawyers with Debt

October 20, 2011

In This Economy, What’s the New Meaning of JD? Staci Zaretsky: We write about depressing news for law students and law school graduates all too often these days, which is a very, very sad thing. We know that you don’t want to be reminded about the impending doom you may soon face. We really do […]

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4 Overlooked Ways to Pay for College

August 1, 2011

Whether college is a few months away or years down the road, you have financial options Katy Hopkins: Paying for college is rarely easy. Ideally, it’s a longterm process of building and using a collection of savings, institutional aid, free money, and—if necessary—loans. But with so many avenues for financing your education, it’s often difficult to […]

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